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The Candle Daddy - MARSHMALLOW DREAM Scented Wax Melt

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This melt is a dream come true from The Candle Daddy. Enjoy the sweet, fluffy aroma of Marshmallow Dream.

Each container has 2 ounces of scented wax in the form of 6 cubes  

STRONGER SCENT FOR A TRUE CANDLE DADDY EXPERIENCE - Our Candle Daddy Wax Melts offer a smack-in-the-face scent to get you motivated or relaxing and enjoying your life once again!

ADDS A GREAT SCENT TO ANY ROOM - Great for use in Entryways, Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Hallways, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, or any room you want to add that great Candle Daddy scent to!

USE WITH YOUR FAVORITE MELTER - The Candle Daddy's candle wax melt scents are compatible with any electric, light bulb, or tea light wax warmer. Enjoy the great scent without the need to light a candle!

MADE IN THE USA – These Deluxe Wax Melt Cubes are hand-poured in Indiana.