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*updated 2/27/24*

❤️GIVE A SMILE! If you are someone who has a little extra to give…or maybe you have wanted to support my business but don’t personally need anything right now…perhaps consider GIVING A SMILE.

All Smiles are now $10, and with that amount, I will send an anonymous surprise to a person who needs a little extra love. I will select the item(s) they receive and shipping is included in the price. 

If you would like to provide gifts for multiple people, please add multiple Smiles to your order.

You will NOT be notified to whom your gift goes as Smiles are given anonymously.


❤️NEED A SMILE? If you struggling in life, for ANY reason, you can request a smile. You do not owe any explanation or reasoning. I can’t promise WHEN or WHAT you will get, but as people give smiles, I will fulfill requests. The cost for this is simply $1.

Note: This program was originally designed to offer Smiles at no cost, but due to my website being targeted by spam bots placing fraudulent orders, I have to implement this small charge. Shipping is included, but sales tax may be applicable  

The item(s) you receive could be ANYTHING from my shop including items that aren’t currently on my website. You have the option to select whether you can accept food and/or scented items. Selecting that you CAN accept those does NOT guarantee that you WILL receive those types of items, but if you have an allergy, please select the option that excludes those types of items. 

You will receive notification via email once your smile has been sent. You may or may not receive tracking info, so keep your eyes peeled for your mail.

Please only request ONE smile at a time. After you receive a smile, if you need another one, you may request another one, but requests will be sent to people who haven’t received one yet first. 

SMILES ARE FINAL SALE (for the gifters and the recipients). No returns or exchanges. 

This will be valid for people within the domestic US only at this time (due to shipping costs).

This program is subject to change. 


The answer is YES, and there are a couple options:

👉OPTION ONE: You *purchase* a Smile and have it sent anonymously to someone specific. To do this, add a Smile to your order then at checkout put your friend’s name and shipping address in the MEMO/NOTES section at checkout. I will see that note when I receive your order, so I will know that this particular Smile will be sent to that specific person.
NOTE: THIS IS STILL ANONYMOUS, so the recipient will not know who sent it. (There will be a note in their package that explains that they have been sent an anonymous Smile.)

👉OPTION TWO: You know someone who needs a smile but you aren’t able to purchase something for them. To do this, select “I need a smile please.” This does cost $1 (sales tax may apply), which you will need to pay. You can either input your friend’s name and address in the shipping fields OR you can leave your info there and add the recipient’s name and address to the memo/note section at check out.
NOTE: THIS IS STILL ANONYMOUS, so the recipient will not know who sent it. (There will be a note in their package that explains that they have been sent an anonymous Smile.)

👉OPTION THREE: You want to send specific items from my shop to a specific person. This really falls more outside of this Give a Smile-Get a Smile program, but I’m including this here because it is gift related. If you want to buy something specific and have it shipped to someone else, I can do this ANY TIME. Either put the recipient’s name and address into the shipping fields at checkout, or write that info in the memo/note section at checkout. When you do this, please also indicate whether you want it to be anonymous or you want the recipient to know it was sent from you. You can request a specific gift note or I can write a basic note.

👉OPTION FOUR: You want to send someone a Smile (either via option one or two) and you DO want them to know it was from you, I CAN make that happen. I have a prewritten note which will be included in all Smile shipments, and I can always hand write an addition that says “Your Smile was requested by…” or “Your Smile was sent by…” Just let me know this either in the memo/note section at checkout, or send an email to either before or IMMEDIATELY after you place your order so I know before ship the Smile.