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SNS Dips Creamed Honey - Lavender

SNS Dips

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“Are you ready for relaxation with this a hint of Lavender sweetness?  This amazing smelling, calming and refreshing natural Lavender Creamed Honey is simply untouchable.  We worked long and hard to get this one just right.  So many compliments and customers are impressed by our creation - even ones who do not like Lavender enjoy the subtle taste of our Lavender Creamed Honey.”

The favorite use for this is to be added to your tea, of course!  However, there are other wonderful uses as well, some even like it in their coffee.  Try it as a spread (refrigerated) for toast, bagels and bread.  Amazing in your oatmeal or pound cake.

A healthy gourmet treat, made simply with Raw Honey and delicious natural Lavender Flavor, with no artificial ingredients and NO Artificial Colors.  The main ingredient is PURE Raw Honey, unprocessed, right from the bees.  Lavender Creamed Honey is a wonderful treat for yourself or give it as a delicious gift.

Suggested Storage:  We recommend storing our Creamed Honey in cool, dry environments for a softer and smoother texture.  Our Creamed Honey may also be stored in a refrigerator for a more firm and butter-like texture spread.