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Scent Bomb Organic Cans - BLACK BOMB

Scent Bomb

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SCENT: BLACK BOMB - a smooth, fresh, and clean scent

Just pop the top and place the can in the area that you want to smell great.  The fragrance will last for up to 60 days. Scent Bomb scent cans are made in the USA using pure fragrance oil and recyclable packaging.

  • 1 Scent Can of Scent Bomb brand air freshener
  • Weight: 2.2 oz
  • Height: 1.5” inches
  • Diameter: 2.5” inches
  • Contains: Organic fiber board with 100% fragrance oil
  • Packaging material: Recyclable aluminum can. Plastic adjustable opening lid.


1. Just remove the black lid and pop open the can.

2. Slide open the adjustable lid to release the fragrance. Just a little for a slow release, or set it wide open for maximum strength.

3. Pop the lid back on the can and enjoy!

PRO TIP: to extend the life of your scent can, you can rotate the fiberboard block inside the can as the strength subsides. Doing this will allow the fragrance to release from all sides of the board giving you an extra burst of fragrance.