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Puzzle Post UK - Escape Room in an Envelope: Dinner Party Edition. THE DECEIT

Puzzle Post UK

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An at-home escape room that you can play around your own kitchen table. The games includes 10 individual puzzles, and has an interactive online ending, all the pieces are designed to be as immersive as possible - enter the world of the New York restaurant scene!

  • Aimed at 14+
  • Perfect for groups of 2-8 people
  • Made in the UK

THE STORY: Abigail Remes, one of New York’s up and coming celebrity chefs, has stumbled across what looks like one of her employees trying to swindle her out of cash. Her bank manager has called, she seems to be in all sorts of trouble and she needs your help to sort out the mess. Solve all nine puzzles that Abigail has found, and break into the online vault to work out exactly what is going on!


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