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What do we mean “NO-MELT?” Well, the melting point of our product is around 150 degrees, so it won't make a mess in the car, on a boat, on a train, in a plane. Or in the bra of a marathon runner. (Experience in clothes dryers varies.)

⭐️WON'T MELT IN YOUR POCKET - It won’t melt in other places, too. Even in the summertime. Even in the south. The melting point of No-Melt Lip Balm is about 150° - standard lip products melt at 80° or less.

⭐️MOISTURIZE & PROTECT - Our balm goes on smooth, isn’t too waxy or too soft, and leaves you with perfectly moisturized lips. These are great for people with sensitivities and can even be used by people on oxygen.

⭐️NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Our scents are as pure and natural as the ingredients and moods the names suggest. With a focus on natural, sustainable ingredients, our nurturing products inspire loyal customers.




(⭐️= Information obtained from No-Melt Lip Balm’s website)

Ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, cocoa butter, candelilla wax, flavoring (food grade).

Standard 0.15 oz tube

NO-MELT LIP BALM is handcrafted in small batches at Breezy Quarters in Abbeville, SC. Woman owned, family run, community minded.