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Mizzi Cosmetics - PurLuxe Renewal Collection Swivels Trio

Mizzi Cosmetics

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Our newest vegan collection combines soothing essential oils and aromatic bliss. Includes 3 swivels (Net Wt: .15 oz):

  • Fresh & Firm Cucumber: Fresh, light cucumber scent. With no pigment, this clear balm focuses on the superpower ingredients of Blueberry Seed oil & Cucumber oil to hydrate lips, lessen fine lines & wrinkles, and promote firmness.
  • Revitalize Berry Rose: With a light pink hue and the sweet smell of berries and roses, this balm enhances your natural lip color. Rosehip oil soothes irritated, dry skin while helping keep your skin healthy by creating new skin cells. Rosehip oil also contains Vitamin F to trap moisture and protect the skin against damage.
  • Refresh Rosemary Citrus: Packed with rosemary, orange, grapefruit and lemon scents. Appearing light yellow, this swivel brings together the fighting properties of Grapefruit and Rosemary Essential oils. Antibacterial properties & Vitamin A, D, and E found in Avocado oil hydrate and provide a new protective layer.