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Mizzi Cosmetics - Love is Love Lip Gloss

Mizzi Cosmetics

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Love is Love Lip Gloss is newly reformulated, vegan, and brimming with antioxidant superpowers & anti-inflammatory might! Primary ingredients include Rockrose Essential Oil, Rose-hip Seed Oil, Vitamin E, and Castor Oil. Love is Love is bright, shiny, glossy and bossy— finished with a pinkish hue and ever so subtle sparkle. Energized by natural flavors of apple, cherry, lemon, lime and orange, and rose! Great for hydrating and healing tired, worn- out lips with its subtle nourishing ROSE power!. Net Weight: 15 ml Cruelty Free, No Sulfates, No Parabens

NOTE: Each gloss is sold separately. These come in assorted label designs. The photos in this listing show the possible designs. Requests for specific designs cannot be fulfilled as we have no control over the designs we receive from Mizzi.