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Mio Queena - Floral Crescent Moon Pendant Dangle Earrings with Pink and Red Dried Flowers

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Delicate petals of Baby’s Breath flowers are meticulously preserved in clear resin, forming enchanting crescent moon-shaped pendants. These dangle earrings showcase the intricate details of the petals, creating a lightweight and graceful accessory. Perfect for various occasions, these earrings seamlessly blend the charm of Baby’s Breath flowers with the celestial allure of crescent moons, adding a touch of natural elegance to your ensemble.

Material: Dried flowers, resin, Stainless steel hooks and frames

Size : 0.75*1.77in

Comes with silicone stoppers

NOTE FROM MANUFACTURER: During the curing process of resin, there may be a small amount of tiny bubbles, which is a normal phenomenon.