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Mindfulnice - Christmas Tree Kitchen Dish Tea Towel - CHOOSE RED OR GREEN


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From Mindfulnice: “Part of being mindful is understanding & having compassion for the world we live in. I have created these very soft & absorbent Dish Towels. All of these dish cloths feature my own hand-drawn surface pattern designs & measure approximately 23"x16". Cleaning mindfully is a great way to bring mindfulness into your daily practice. Take your time, be fully present & aware, pay close attention to what you’re doing & how you’re feeling, without judgement. Notice the details you may not have noticed before - such as the colors, shapes, & textures of your dishes, furniture, and surfaces as you clean.”

Choose between Red Christmas Trees and Green Christmas Trees (sold separately). 

Each towel comes folded and wrapped with soft yarn and a note which talks about the importance of being mindful and how these towels can help. 

These make amazing gifts!