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May You Know Joy CARD SET

May You Know Joy

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This set is designed to inspire our most intentional living.  People choose a card to help set their intention for the day and there is a companion booklet for them to refer to for inspiration.

These cards are used to start people's days, for meditation and to inspire journalling.  Some of the other ways they're used include:  as thoughtful gifts (for moms, friends, teachers and anyone really), in classrooms, in yoga studios, in workshops, in counselling, retreats and even in boardrooms.

Fans of these cards have shared that they love them for their universal appeal and the ideas they spark.  They are intended to connect us to ourselves and create more mindful, conscious days and lives. 

Each set includes a deck of 42 cards and a companion booklet (with a passage for each card) enclosed in a draw-string linen bag.