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Leisuremann's Cocktail Mixes - Single Serve - Old Fashioned

Leisuremann's Cocktail Mixes

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PRE-MEASURED - PORTABLE - TRAVEL-READY - EXPERTLY DESIGNED - STYLISH - AWESOME…Our single-serve packs take the guesswork out of mixing the perfect on-the-go cocktail. Whether you are an on-the-go adventurer, an aspiring home mixologist, or just a traveler looking for a cocktail on his or her next flight, look no further than this space-saving, party in a pouch, gems of pure cocktail awesomeness. Trust us you won’t leave home without them! Leisuremann’s Old Fashioned mix stands as a testament that classic cocktails do not need to be complex and hard to make. Our Old Fashioned mix boasts robust flavors of old-world bitters as well as a rounded simple syrup sweetness and orange citrus notes. A true Old Fashioned should be enjoyed and shared, utilizing a good spirit to enhance the experience not overshadow it.

Each packet makes a single drink.

This product does not contain alcohol. 

To make the drink according to instructions, you will need:

  • 1 Oz water
  • 2 Oz bourbon/whiskey
  • Ice (as preferred)


  1. Combine 1 Oz of water with the packet contents
  2. Dissolve for 30-45 seconds
  3. Add 2 Oz of bourbon/whiskey and ice
  4. Enjoy!

🍊🍒Amy’s suggested garnish: Add a sliver of orange peel and a Luxardo cherry!