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HEPP'S Salt Co. - Sea Salt Duo

HEPP'S Salt Co.

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This Sea Salt Duo includes two French jars of high quality sea salts. Use these salts to improve your own delectable dishes or gift them to your foodie friends.

Duo includes:

  • Fleur de Sel: The Creme De La Creme of sea salts, this organic compliant salt is filled with trace minerals and is naturally low in sodium. With a rich yet delicate flavor, it is considered the world’s greatest salt. Chefs use it as the immaculate choice for bringing out the natural flavor in all foods!
    FLAVOR PROFILE • Vegetables, Poultry, Meats, Desserts.
  • Roasted Garlic: An all-natural sea salt naturally blended with roasted garlic. This isn't your ordinary garlic salt! Blended with real roasted garlic, this versatile salt is a must have for garlic lovers. (For best results, store in refrigerator once opened.) 
    FLAVOR PROFILE • Vegetables, Pasta, Meats, Popcorn, Soups, Bread Dipper (with Olive Oil). INGREDIENTS: Sea Salt, Roasted Garlic


HEPP'S Salt CO. uses only fresh, natural, and organic sea salts harvested directly from the source.  No additives, no anti-caking agents; just pure, high-quality sea salt, founded on the ideal that cooking and grilling is a lifestyle, not a chore.  Backyard grillers, professional chefs, even the cocktail aficionado, can all benefit from this innovative and health-conscious gourmet line of sea salts.  Let us share our passion of sea salts with you and, ‘change the way you think about salt.

Owner Brian Hepp has had a lifelong passion for cooking. Whether it be spices, herbs, or any of the global flavors the world has to offer, Brian has gone to great lengths to experiment and explore the world of cooking and its symbiotic relationship with salts. After years of making his own blends, he discovered the unique nature of sea salt. From the purest Mineral sea salt to Flavor-enhanced sea salt, these salts represent a grand confluence of global flavor.

In 2011, in Venice, California, HEPP'S Salt CO. was born in the form of a revolutionary salt bar in local farmer's markets. Brian's goal was to not only share his exciting discoveries with people, but to also educate them on the myriad applications of these salts. These are not salts that are just tossed into any dish, as was the practice with traditional salts. These are salts that come with unique and individualized flavor profiles that describe the region from which they come, and also detail how and with which savory dishes they can be paired. HEPP'S sea salt is more than just good quality sea salt, it's about bringing the gourmet cooking experience into the everyday person's home.

As this special brand of salt became a farmer's market sensation, culinary savants began to take notice. It wasn't long before HEPP'S Salt CO. was the salt of choice for figures such as Celebrity Chef Bruce Kalman (Season 15 Winner of Chopped on the Food Network; Owner of Union in Pasadena, CA), Chef Aaron Perez (Winner of Cut Throat Kitchen on the Food Network; Owner of Vaka Buger in Los Angeles, CA), and renowned mixologist Matt Biancaniello (Winner of Best Bartender in LA in 2010 & 2013).