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Hen of the Woods - Buttermilk Ranch Chip Dip Mix

Hen of the Woods

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  • Authentic Flavor: Enjoy the cooling, fresh from the garden flavors of this Buttermilk Ranch dip mix. 
  • Made with a special blend of chives, herbs, and rich, creamy buttermilk, the seasoning is perfect for pleasing the taste buds of any crowd.
  • An All-Natural Dip: Made with all natural ingredients, enjoy a delicious dip mix that is made for everyone. These dip mixes are non-GMO*, gluten free**, kosher***, and contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives.
  • Chef-Crafted Dip Mixes: Founded by chefs, all of Hen of the Woods’ flavors and hand-blended spices are expertly crafted in house to create craveable, unique seasonings. The result? A truly great tasting dip that you’ll want to share with everyone. 
  • The Perfect Complement: Add a snap of flavor to your favorite spread with this dip that is ready in seconds. Simply mix with 16oz of sour cream, cream cheese, or yogurt and enjoy! Or add a pinch of seasoning to tacos, baked potatoes, and popcorn.
  • Each 1 Oz package is sold separately.