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Blind Date with a Book - COOKBOOK: Vegetarian, International, Light

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Love them or hate them, blind dates between people are always an adventure. Sometimes you meet the love of your life! Sometimes you meet your worst nightmare! Sometimes you don’t feel the sparks but you make a new lifelong pal! No matter what, you usually end up with a great story to tell, and THAT is the premise behind this. Blind Date with a Book allows you to buy a book without judging it by its cover. You may find your new favorite book that is something you might never have thought to buy!  Now, these aren’t going to be a total mystery…just mostly. 😆

For this edition, all the books are COOKBOOKS! 

Here’s what you will know about this book:

  • Flexible Hardback
  • 3 words or brief phrases that describe this cookbook: Vegetarian, International, Light

Each book is beautifully wrapped in brown paper with twine and a red wax seal. The paper may be decorated with stamped images as well as the descriptions listed above. 

The books may have been previously read, but they are in fantastic shape and free of marks, smells, and writing. 

So why not give it a whirl? You may find a new favorite book! And you can always pass it along to another friend when you are done. 😊

NOTE: These are a complete mystery to Amy Foxy Style as well. These were purchased from our vendor fully wrapped as you see them. Asking Amy for hints won’t help. 😉

🌟BONUS FUN: Make your cookbook purchase a Culinary Bundle for an extra $7. Each bundle will include food/cooking related products with a retail value of at least $20. Bundles may vary slightly, so if you purchase more than one cookbook, you can include multiple add-on bundles, and we will include as much variety as possible. 
Note: if you purchase a vegetarian or plant-based cookbook, we will do our best to include appropriate items in this add-on bundle (subject to availability).